Airport Simobject Toggle Tool:

-A simple in-game panel that allows airport simbojects to be toggled on and off.

Total control with the click of a button! This tool allows for ultimate flexibility in choosing which ground service objects, vehicles, or humans to display in-game. 

Tired of cluttered baggage carts, misplaced vehicles, or vehicles driving anywhere and everywhere? Simply use this tool to disable the object.

Works at any airport that uses default ground services.

Controls The Following Simbobjects:

-Aircraft Caddy
-Pushback Vehicle

-Baggage Carts
-Baggage Loaders
-Boarding Stairs
-Catering Trucks
-Ground Power Unit Truck
-Loader Cab (Forklift)

Airport Vehicles
-Utility and Service Vehicles
-Fire Trucks
-Fuel Trucks

Airport Humans
-Tarmac Workers
-Wing Runners

-Glider Winch

Current version: 1.0