Dynamic, Challenging, Realistic

Birds for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 have arrived!

Europe North

In real world flying, birds present a unique and dynamic challenge that pilots must always avoid. Each year, in the United States alone, thousands of aircraft encounter bird strikes that account for millions of dollars worth of damages. Pilots must be vigilant in the low altitude environment to avoid hitting birds, and many times evasive maneuvers must be taken. Add a unique challenge and increase your simulator’s realism by using FS Birds!

FS Birds Europe North Features:

-Bird coverage for the entire areas of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Åland Islands, Faroe Islands, and Kaliningrad

-Multiple types of birds including pigeons, buzzards, eagles, gulls, and geese

-All birds are fully animated

-Flying birds range in altitudes from the surface up to 11,000 ft with random flight tracks

-Ground birds at all major international airports

-Flying bird animations include soaring raptors, circling gulls, formation geese, random pigeon flights, and soaring eagles

-LOD optimization results in a minimal impact on simulator frame rates