Runway Status Lights

Runway Status Lights are an essential FAA system embedded in the pavement of runways and taxiways, designed to automatically signal pilots and vehicle operators when it is unsafe to enter, cross, or begin takeoff. These lights, which are operational at 20 airports across the US, turn red in response to traffic, providing direct, immediate alerts without the need for input from controllers.

This modification simulates the FAA Runway Status Light System and includes Runway Entrance Lights and Takeoff Hold Lights. The lights will remain illuminated (indicating unsafe to enter the runway) until cleared for takeoff by the in-game ATC system, at which point the lights will extinguish (indicating safe to enter the runway).

This modification works with default and most 3rd party airports.

View the runways and taxiways where this technology is in use (real world and this modification) at

Supports the following airports:

- Detroit Wayne County (KDTW)

- Chicago O'Hare (KORD)

- Minneapoli St-Paul (KMSP)

- George Bush Houston (KIAH)

- Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW)

- Phoenix Sky Harbor (KPHX)

- Las Vegas Harry Reid (KLAS)

- San Diego (KSAN)

- Los Angeles (KLAX)

- San Francisco (KSFO)

- Seattle Tacoma (KSEA)

- Boston Int'l (KBOS)

- LaGuardia (KLGA)

- Newark (KEWR)

- John F. Kennedy (KJFK)

- Baltimore Washington (KBWI)

- Washington Dulles (KIAD)

- Charlotte Douglas (KCLT)

- Orlando Int'l (KMCO)

- Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)