Immersive, Bright, Dynamic

Greatly enhance your night flights with emergency ground vehicle flashing lights!

Stay tuned for rollout releases as we work towards covering the entire world!

Current Version: 1.0

United States


What our customers are saying:

Real world pilot endorsed, Emergency Lights for Flight Simulator is an enhancement that adds realistic flashing emergency vehicle lights along roadways and populated areas. In real world flying, flashing emergency vehicle lights are easily seen from the air and can become an additional challenge for pilots to avoid being distracted by, especially during the critical phase of approach to landing.

Emergency Lights Features: 


-Hundreds of thousands of accurately placed lights in each region of coverage

-Multiple types of flashing lights, strobe effects, and colors that simulate various emergency vehicle lighting systems

-Emergency lights are easily seen from miles away and multiple thousands of feet high

-Emergency light density is aligned with population density

-LOD optimization results in a minimal impact on simulator frame rates