Immersive, Dynamic, Challenging

Unique and exciting low altitude traffic awaits your keen eyes and skilled piloting ability! 

Stay tuned for rollout releases as we work towards covering the entire world!

Central USA

In real world flying, the skies are filled with traffic hazards. It is very common for air traffic control to not be in radio contact with many of these traffic factors. It is up to you, as the pilot, to visually acquire the traffic and avoid a collision. Add a unique challenge and increase your immersive simulator experience by using Traffic in Sight!

Traffic in Sight Features: 


-Multiple types of traffic hazards including drones, helicopters, hot air balloons, hang gliders, gliders, powered paragliders, and aerobatic aircraft

-Dynamic and expansive low altitude traffic coverage for the entire areas of TEXAS, OKLAHOMA, NEW MEXICO, COLORADO, ARIZONA, & UTAH 

-All traffic models are fully animated and flying

-Traffic ranges in altitudes from the surface up to 6,000 ft with random flight tracks

-Night lighting on all helicopters and aerobatic aircraft

-LOD optimization results in a minimal impact on simulator frame rates

-Gliders, paragliders, hang gliders, and balloons are VFR fair weather only and are hidden during darkness and precipitation